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3 Lessons the Show Dancing with the Stars teaches you

3 Lessons the Show Dancing with the Stars Teaches You About Ballroom Dancing

Since June 2005, Dancing with the Stars has simply delighted viewers nationwide week after week. The show inspired a ballroom dancing craze around the world. Well-known names and faces partner up with professional dance instructors and champions to learn styles of ballroom dance. For one week, they practice an intense routine based on a designated style and then it's showtime. Amateur dancers compete just like professionals, and the Mirror Ball trophy awaits the strongest pair of the tournament.

Each show is a full-stop entertainment variety show of music, dance and surprise celebrity judges. In-depth performance evaluations from recurring judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli, Len Goodman and Julianne Hough break down the technical intricacies of tangos, waltzes and foxtrots for all to understand. Audiences can take many valuable lessons from this popular, enduring reality show.

Ballroom dancing is easy to learn.
The breadth of celebrity contestants on Dancing with the Stars shows viewers a diverse collection of ages, weights, sizes, heights and body shapes. The youngest contestants include 16-year old gymnasts Laurie Hernandez of Season 23 and Shawn Johnson of Season 8. At age 82, veteran actress Cloris Leachman is the oldest contestant to ever compete on Dancing with the Stars. Despite being deaf, America's Top Model winner Nyle DiMarco won Season 22 and Terra Jole did not let dwarfism keep her from making it all the way to the ninth week of Season 23.

Anyone can learn and enjoy ballroom dancing. To learn ballroom dancing, you must have:

A Willingness to Learn
Concentration and Drive
Ability to Follow Directions
A Positive, Can-Do Attitude
A Willingness to Accept Criticism and Correction

Ballroom dancing is fun.
Music can tame the savage beasts within all of us, and ballroom dancing provokes a deep appreciation of different types of music. You can tailor ballroom dances to your own personal style and favorite music, to bring back memories or learn about new cultures. Even when you make mistakes, ballroom dancing will leave you smiling for the effort. Some contestants, like Season 17's Amber Riley and Season 12's Kristie Alley, enter the competition with weight loss goals. Riley won and Alley made it to second place, sweating their ways to better fitness.

For those who need a push to exercise, ballroom dancing is one of the most fun ways to:

Work On and Increase Flexibility
Improve Coordination, Balance and Agility
Build Up Aerobic Exercise Stamina
Burn Calories, Lose Fat and Build Muscle
Ballroom dancing looks sexy.
Moving bodies are attractive bodies. With a little practice at ballroom dancing, you are most certainly going to want to show off your toned body and improved flexibility. Ballroom dancing gives singles and couples the opportunity to dress up and feel young.

Some of ballroom's sexiest dances are:

Big cities and small towns nationwide are bound to have the right ballroom dancing venues and classes for just about everyone. Do an Internet search for local dancing studios or check with your local gyms to find out how to get started. As always, you can tune in to Dancing with the Stars and move along with the contestants right at home.

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