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The History Of Ballroom Dancing

Can you image yourself making a grand march entrance before the king in a seventeenth century castle ballroom. Then participating in a dance such as the Quadrille before the members of the court. Such were the magnificent beginnings of what we have come to know as ballroom dancing.

In the eighteen hundreds, dances such as the waltz and the polka were enjoyed at gatherings for weddings or at private parties after a formal fox hunting event. These private parties were quite formal and required strict protocol.

The music was usually adapted from operas, ballets, or national folk dances. Dance formations included germans known as line dances or circles. Often the type of dance performed depended on the size of the dance area.

The beginning of the type of ballroom dancing we see today emerged in the latter eighteenth century. The cotillion became part of high societies balls such as Caroline Schermerhorn Astor's Patriarch Ball (c. 1872–91).

This brought about established studios and professional associations to teach patterns and dance steps. Dancing lessons became available to the public. The profession of Dance Master was established. The Dance Masters of America association was founded in eighteen eighty four.

By the first part of the twentieth century, a dance craze emerged. The Two Step and Fox Trot integrated into social dancing. At this time, professional exhibition ballroom dancing, and competitive ballroom dance became popular. More exotic dances, such as the Argentine or Parisian tangos or the Brazilian maxixe, were included in the exhibitions and competitions. This gave both professionals and amateur couples the arena to strut their stuff.

By mid century, dances such as the Twist and the eighties Break Dancing have found their way into formal competition and exhibition.

Ballroom dancing is now performed all over the world. It has integrated into other fields such as ice skating.

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